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    • 08 May 2017
    • 30 Jun 2018
    • Online Registration


    The Sydney Kendo Club full-year membership fees for 2017-18 (valid till 30 June 2018) is $275 for adult, $150 for child under 18 and $150 for child under 16. All Sydney Kendo Club members are required to register with the NSW Kendo Association which provides insurance coverage for registered members.  The NSWKA membership fees for 2017-18 is $80 for adult and $50 for child under 16.

    Therefore, the total fees for SKC and NSWKA membership are as follow:
    • $355 for adult
    • $230 for child under 18
    • $200 for child under 16

    Membership fees should be transferred to:

    • BSB: 032267
    • Account No: 209344
    • Account Name: Sydney Kendo Club
    • Bank: Westpac
    Registration without payment will not be processed.  Membership fees are not refundable.

    If you have any questions or issues with membership registration, please email
    • 29 Sep 2017
    • 31 Aug 2018
    • Online

    You can support the Australian Kendo Team for the 2018 World Kendo Championships by either donating online via the ASF or by purchasing through Sankei Australia.

    Tax Deductible Online Donation

    The 2018 WKC Australian Kendo Coaching Team invite the AKR membership, members of the public and corporates to support the current Australian Kendo Squad by making a tax deductible donation via our online portal setup in-conjunction with the AKR and the Australian Sports Foundation.

    Our goal is to raise enough funds to cover the team’s travel costs to attend overseas training sessions & competitions over the next 2 years leading up to the 17th World Kendo Championships to be held in Korea 2018.

    The online donation portal accepts payments using the following credit cards - Mastercard, Visa, American Express and Diners Club. Donations of $2 or more are tax deductible. Note that credit card donations incur a 2% surcharge.

    In cases where a donor is unable to make their donation online, donors should complete and sign a donation form and either provide credit card details or attach a cheque made payable to the Australian Sports Foundation Ltd. Please send the donation form and cheque (if applicable) to the Australian Kendo Renmei:

    Australian Kendo Renmei Incorporated

    Po Box 353

    North Carlton, VIC 3054

    Your support will be integral to the Team's preparation and performance.

    Donation via Purchase through Sankei Australia

    Another way of supporting the Australian Kendo Squad is by purchasing items from Sankei Australia.

    By going online to the Sankei Australia website and purchasing goods, a percentage of the total cost is donated to the Australian Kendo Squad via the ASF portal.

    The promo code for the Sankei online ordering is “auskendoteam”

    And the way it is used is by:

    When you checkout their order, on the order confirmation page, there is a section that asked you if you want to redeem a code. Just put the code “auskendoteam” and once it qualifies it will say on the order. There will be a small discount applied to the purchase as well as 5% of the order amount (excluding shipping and after all discounts applied) will be contributed to fund raising for next WKC.

    With Regards

    Rob Reid

    Manager 2018 WKC Australian Kendo Coaching Team

    • 03 Mar 2018
    • 12:30 PM
    • 28 Apr 2018
    • 2:00 PM
    • Willoughby Park Anglican Church, 19 McClelland Street, Willoughby
    An 8-week Kendo beginner course will start on 3 February 2017. This course aims to teach you the Kendo basics, including etiquette, footwork, cutting techniques and various training methods. You should be ready to train in the traditional Kendo uniform and armour about mid-way through the course. By the end of the course, you will be ready to merge into the Sydney Kendo Club's regular Wednesday and Saturday classes as well as be graded at the NSW State Kendo Grading.

    Course dates:

    Schedule change: 

    • Feb 3, 10, 17, 24
    • Mar 3, 10, 17, 24
    • Apr 7. 14, 21, 28
    Time: Saturday Midday 12:30 to 14:00

    Course duration: Every Saturday for 8 weeks, excluding Easter long weekend

    Location: Willoughby Park Anglican Church, 19 McClelland Street, Willoughby

    Cost: $200 (this covers the 8-week course fee, Australian Kendo Renmei and NSW Kendo Association annual membership fee and insurance cover, shinai - bamboo sword).

    During the course, the instructor will discuss about purchasing your own uniform (kendogi and hakama) as well as your own armour (bogu).  These items can cost from $500 upwards and usually last for many years, so they are certainly good investment if you would like to continue practising Kendo beyond the 8-week beginner course.

    Registration: You must complete the online course registration process prior to the start date of the course to allow us to prepare equipment for your first lesson.


    $200 course fees should be transferred to:

    Bank: Westpac
    Account Name: Sydney Kendo Club
    BSB: 032267
    Account Number: 209344
    Description: Please put your name for identification purposes
    Registration without payment will not be processed.

    If you have any questions with the beginner course, please email
    • 31 Mar 2018
    • 04 Apr 2018

    43rd Australian Kendo Championship, Seminar and Dan Gradings Sydney, 30/3 - 4/4

    Pursuant to communique released by NSWKA on 25/1: Registration for the 43rd Australian Kendo Championship held in Sydney is open, run by NSWKA and AKR. 

    Deadline for club submission for Seminar and Championship is 7th February.

    Deadline for club submission for Dan Gradings is 28th February. 

    Detailed Infopack here

    Appendices here

    Scope of Championship events are:

    ·         Men’s Kyu Individual Championship

    ·         Men’s Dan Individual Championship

    ·         Women's Kyu Individual Championship

    ·         Women's Dan Individual Championship

    ·         Veteran's Individual Championship

    ·         Men’s Kyu Team Championship

    ·         Men’s Dan Team Championship

    ·         Women's Kyu Team Championship

    ·         Women’s Dan Team Championship

    ·         Teams Kata Championship

    All competitors must be an Australian Citizen or hold an Australian Government issued Permanent Resident visa, and be registered AKR members as at 30/11/17.

    Schedule (subject to change per NSWKA):

    Friday 30 March: AGM and Shinpan briefing

    Saturday 31 March: Individual championships for Juniors, Men's and Women's Kyu and Dan , Welcome Dinner

    Sunday 1 April: Kata, Veteran's Individual, and Kyu and Dan Team Championships

    Monday 2nd April: Seminar with 2 AJKF sensei

    Tuesday 3rd April: Seminar with 2 AJKF sensei

    Wednesday 4th April: Dan Level Grading, through to 5th Dan

    Schedule of Fees:

    Consider the below in calculating fees – note they exclude registration for Grading.




    (incl Welcome Dinner)


    Competition Only

    (incl Welcome Dinner)


    Seminar Only



    Non Competitor


    For those interested in the Championship or Seminar, please emai Lee Lim listing which events you would like to attend. You will receive a response with fees required to be transferred to the SKC bank account as well as requesting dietary requirements, etc. The lack of provision in the fee structure for not attending dinner is noted.

    How to Register for Grading (please transfer and mark funds separately to Seminar/Dinner/Championship associated costs)

    1. Fill in the grading application form (AKR website here). AKR Grading Form Link

    2. Obtain Sensei's approval signature for your grading form, then submit the completed form (with signature) to Lee Lim by email ( List of fees can be found on the aforementioned grading form.

    3. Transfer grading fees to:

           BSB: 032267

           Account No: 209344

           Account Name: Sydney Kendo Club

    Please remember to enter your name when depositing fees.

    All Competition, Seminar and  must be submitted no later than Wednesday 7th February 2018 9.00pm.  

    Grading applications must be submitted no later than Wednesday 28th February 9:00PM.

    Late registration will not be accepted. 

    In skill opposed, in spirit united,

    Sydney Kendo Club

Past events

13 Jan 2018 SKC Indoor Rock Climbing at Climbfit
03 Dec 2017 NSW Kendo Grading 3rd December 2017
02 Dec 2017 2017 NSW State Kendo Championships
21 Oct 2017 SKC Internal Kyu Grading October 21st 2017
30 Sep 2017 AUS Team Fundraising Merchandise - Buy It Now, Wear It Proud!
20 Sep 2017 8-week Adult Kendo Beginner Course, Winter 2017
09 Sep 2017 No Club Training on Sat 9 September
24 Jun 2017 State Kendo Grading 24 June 2017
03 Jun 2017 Sumi Masatake Sensei (Hanshi 8 Dan) Kendo Seminar
29 Apr 2017 8-week Adult Kendo Beginner Course, Autumn 2017
11 Apr 2017 SKC Club Apparel - Wear it proud, order now!
26 Jan 2017 2017 UTS Kendo Seminar and Open Shield
04 Dec 2016 2016 NSW State Kendo Championships
03 Dec 2016 NSW Kendo Grading (KYU 26-Nov; DAN 3-Dec)
13 Nov 2016 Japanese Budo Demonstration and Workshop
08 Oct 2016 8-week Adult Kendo Beginner Course, Spring 2016
08 Oct 2016 SKC Club T-shirt Design Competition
25 Jun 2016 NSW Kendo Grading 25th June 2016
24 May 2016 SKC + NSWKA Membership Registration 2016-17
12 Mar 2016 UTS Open Shield 2016
27 Feb 2016 7th Annual SKC3's Friendship Cup 2016
06 Feb 2016 8-week Adult Kendo Beginner Course, Summer 2016
12 Dec 2015 SKC Adult Training at Reishinkan Dojo Sat 12-Dec between 11am & 12:30pm
03 Dec 2015 UTS Kendo Seminar with Takanabe Sensei & Wako Sensei
21 Nov 2015 2nd SKC Internal Kyu Competition
10 Oct 2015 20th Dae Han Moo Do Kwan Kumdo Tournament
26 Jun 2015 New Adult Training Venue (During WPC Renovation Closure)
18 May 2015 SKC + NSWKA Membership Registration 2015-16
07 Feb 2015 8-week Adult Kendo Beginner Course, Summer 2015
26 Jan 2015 No Training on Australian Day
20 Dec 2014 End of Year BBQ
06 Dec 2014 After Tournament Dinner
06 Dec 2014 Kids Training Schedule for Dec'14 and Jan'15
06 Dec 2014 2014 NSW Kendo Championships
30 Nov 2014 Australian Team Supporter T-shirt - Club Purchase
01 Nov 2014 SKC 40th Anniversary Tenugui
01 Nov 2014 Australian Kendo Team Travel Fund - Online Donation
18 Oct 2014 DHMDK Kumdo Tournament
11 Oct 2014 8-week Adult Kendo Beginner Course, Spring 2014
27 Sep 2014 Visit by Tetsuzo FUJII Sensei, Kendo 7 Dan
27 Aug 2014 SKC Annual General Meeting 2014
03 Aug 2014 Founders Cup State Grading 2014
19 Jul 2014 SKC Barefoot Bowls
01 Jul 2014 SKC 40th Anniversary Tenugui Design Competition
30 Jun 2014 SKC + NSWKA Membership Registration 2014-15
17 May 2014 2014 Korean Kumdo Championships
30 Apr 2014 8-week Beginner Course, Winter 2014
12 Apr 2014 UTS All Open Shield 2014
08 Mar 2014 Registration to FIK Asian Zone Kendo Referee Seminar (for referee & shiai-sha)
15 Feb 2014 SKC3's Friendship Cup 2014
01 Feb 2014 Picton Kendo Weekend: Seminar & Grading
21 Dec 2013 Christmas and New Year Training Times
07 Dec 2013 2013 NSW State Kendo Championships
21 Nov 2013 8-week Beginner Course, Summer 2013
08 Nov 2013 SKC Clothing Order
21 Sep 2013 2013 ACT Seminar & Open Kendo Taikai
04 Sep 2013 2013 SKC Annual General Meeting
21 Aug 2013 SKC - Annual General Meeting - 21st August 2013
03 Aug 2013 Founders Cup + State Grading (Register by 17th July)
06 Jul 2013 3rd Annual USYD Kendo Charity Cup
10 Jun 2013 Invitation to join the Australian Kendo Squad
09 Jun 2013 AKR History, "The Progress of Kendo, Iaido and Jodo in Australia" is available!
08 May 2013 Ron Bennett Memorial Training
02 May 2013 10-week Beginner Course, Winter 2013
29 Mar 2013 38th Australian Kendo Championships - Information Pack
02 Mar 2013 UTS ALL OPEN SHIELD 2013
27 Feb 2013 Michael Payne Sensei Memorial Training
25 Feb 2013 Michael PAYNE Sensei's Funeral: Mon 25-Feb (RSVP: This Thursday)
23 Feb 2013 The 2nd Oceania Women's Kendo Seminar 2013
16 Feb 2013 SKC3's Friendship Cup 2013
02 Feb 2013 Picton Seminar & Grading 2013
24 Jan 2013 9-week Kendo Beginner Course, Summer 2013
16 Jan 2013 Senior member meeting / No training on Wed 16-Jan
22 Dec 2012 Last Training Days for the Year
09 Dec 2012 Sydney Kendo Christmas Party - cancelled!
08 Dec 2012 SKC Annual Junior Competition 2012
01 Dec 2012 2012 NSW Kendo Championships
13 Oct 2012 DHMDK Tournament
09 Sep 2012 38th Australian Championships Tenugui Design Competition
04 Aug 2012 Founders Cup 2012
28 Jul 2012 Annual General Meeting
19 Jul 2012 Beginners Course
14 Jul 2012 USYD Cup Competition
23 Jun 2012 UTS Shield Competition
22 Jun 2012 Fukuda Cup: UTS
25 May 2012 15th World Kendo Championships
05 May 2012 2012 Korean Kumdo Championship
07 Apr 2012 The 37th Australian Kendo Championships
25 Feb 2012 SKC3's Friendship Cup
15 Feb 2012 Nittaidai Visit
08 Feb 2012 Korean University Kumdo Visit
04 Feb 2012 Picton Grading
21 Jan 2012 Beginners Course
17 Dec 2011 SKC Christmas Party
10 Dec 2011 Kids Competition
03 Dec 2011 2011 State Championships
23 Oct 2011 DHMDK Tournament
22 Oct 2011 Beginners Course
15 Oct 2011 Matsuri Festival - SKC Demonstration
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