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Shogun Kendogu 'Partner Club Discount Codes' will provide a discount on all  webstore equipment (except shinai). You will need to be logged in as a registered member on the Shogun Kendogu webstore. Following promo codes are valid for purchases over US$50.

  • Between US$50 and US$999 is SGK5OFF (5% discount)
  • US$1000 and above is SGK10OFF (10% discount)

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Local Clubs:

Please refer to the New South Wales Dojo Directory for the most up to date listing of Kendo/Kumdo, Iaido and Jodo Clubs in NSW:

Located in the Willoughby Park Center, "Shindo Muso Ryu Jodo" also operates on Saturday from 8AM to 10AM, for more information find them here: 

Willoughby Surrounds Children's Kendo:

Note that Sydney Kendo Club is not running a Children's class. In the immediate vicinity there are 2 clubs that teach Children's Kendo: 


Affiliated Association Links:

 NSW Kendo Association
 Australian Kendo Renmei

Other NSW Kendo Clubs:

Reishinkan (Roseville)

UTS Kendo (Ultimo)

USYD Kendo (Darlington)

UNSW (Kensington)
Western Sydney Kendo Club (Ermington)

Dae Han Moo Do Kwan Kumdo (Lidcombe)

Hanrimwon Kumdo (Thornleigh)

Wollongong Kendo Club (Wollongoing)

Sydney Kendo Club
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