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Shogun Kendogu 'Partner Club Discount Codes' will provide a discount on all Shogun Kendogu webstore equipment (except shinai). You will need to be "logged in" as a registered member on the Shogun Kendogu webstore. The code needs to be entered in the shopping cart page under "Coupon", and are valid for purchases over US$50.

  • The code for purchases between US$50 and US$999 is SGK5OFF (5% discount)
  • The code for purchases of US$1000 and above is SGK10OFF (10% discount)

All prices include international shipping!


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Other NSW Kendo Clubs:

Please refer to the New South Wales Dojo Directory for the most up to date listing of Kendo/Kumdo, Iaido and Jodo Clubs in NSW:

Note that Sydney Kendo Club is not running a Children's class. In the immediate vicinity there are 2 clubs catering to Children's Kendo. 

Willoughby Surrounds Children's Kendo:


Affiliated Association Links:

 NSW Kendo Association
 Australian Kendo Renmei
Sydney Kendo Club
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