Tenugui for the 15WKC Australian Kendo Team

12 Apr 2012 11:52 AM | Deleted user

The 37 AKC saw the release of a limited edition fund raising tenugui for the 15WKC Australian Kendo Team (refer image attached).
Thank you very much to all those supporters who have purchased one or more tenugui during the championship weekend already, but please note that they are of course on sale to everyone who did not attend the National championships as well.
They are on sale for $15 each, or “buy four and get one free” (that is, five tenugui for just $60!), and can be purchased from any of the Australian Team Members or myself.
All proceeds from the sale of these tenugui will go directly towards assisting with expenses for the Australian Kendo Team in Italy this year.
There is only a limited number of tenugui available, so make sure you get in quick.
The characters in Japanese are read KO KEN CHI AI, and although this not the motto for Australian Kendo Team, it is a well known kendo term, and is “referring to the desire to achieve mutual  understanding and betterment of humanity through kendo”.
To try and describe further, it is a teaching that make you try to undertake kendo practice and competitions in a way that will make an opponent want to practice or compete with you again and again.

Thank you ever so much for your support!!
Best regards,
Yuji Sano
Assistant Coach to the 15WKC Australian Kendo Team

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