SKC 40th Anniversary Tenugui Design Competition

  • 01 Jul 2014
  • 02 Jul 2014
  • Online

This year is the 40th anniversary of the Sydney Kendo Club!

Yes, the club’s been around since 1974 and, for most of that time, at the dojo in Willoughby. This is definitely something worth celebrating and we plan to do this in a number of ways throughout the year. We’re planning social events, a special training and our very own tenugui competition!

  • The winning design will be printed and you’ll get to see your fellow club members proudly putting your tenugui on display! We will also use them as gifts for visiting sensei so, your artwork is going to travel the world!

Tenugui Design Specification

Obviously we want the design to highlight our 40th year but whether you take a formal or a fun approach is up to you. Remember that the club includes adults and kids. Outside of that, the only other requirements are as below;

•    1000 mm x 350 mm (digitally match that aspect ratio at a reasonable resolution)

•    SKC logo (or, an interpretation of it).  Click HERE to download logo.

•    Sydney Kendo Club
•    2014
•    40th Anniversary

•    White base, with up to two colours
•    Those colours are to be red and blue.

Digital Format:
•    Any (preferably psd, ai, bmp)

Submission Deadline:

•    1st July 2014

•    Email your design to
Sydney Kendo Club
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