2nd SKC Internal Kyu Competition

  • 21 Nov 2015
  • St John's Anglican Church, Willoughby
Following the very successful inaugural SKC internal Kyu grade competition in August, the 2nd competition will be held on Saturday, 21st November 2015 during the normal training session.  This is a great opportunity for all Kyu members, especially those who have never participated in any formal shiai (competition) before to experience one of the many exciting and enjoyable aspects of Kendo.  Registration is at 10am sharp.

All currently registered SKC Kyu members are eligible to participate.  There is no participation fee, so more the reason to come and participate.  There will be various prizes for those who performed well at the competition.

On the competition event day, there will be a club warm-up together, followed by approximately 1 hour of Kyu grade competition.  Dan grade members will be shinpan for the competition.  This will then be followed by the presentation ceremony.  Thereafter, there will be a 30 minutes jigeiko for all Dan and Kyu members to participate.

So, please come and support the next SKC internal Kyu Competition!

In skills opposed, in spirit united,

Vivian Yung


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Sydney Kendo Club
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