2017 UTS Kendo Seminar and Open Shield

  • 26 Jan 2017
  • 29 Jan 2017
  • Ross Milbourne Sports Hall (RMSH), UTS Building 4, 745 Harris Street, Sydney, NSW Australia 2000

2017 UTS Kendo Seminar and Open Shield Competition will be held from 26 January (Australia Day) to 29 January 2017!

Kendo Seminar Schedule

The 3 day seminar from Thursday to Saturday will be a mix of Kihon, Shiai and Shinpan (Referee) sections, with an opportunity for Jigeiko with Sensei each day. 

On Thursday, the UTS Dojo will open at 11:00AM for everyone to arrive. The opening ceremony and speeches will commence at 11:45AM, so please arrive early for a prompt start! 

On Saturday, as part of the seminar, there will be a Fukuda Grand Final Kendo Competition, which will provide an opportunity to apply your shinpan and shiai skills learned during the seminar. Rule format and order will be announced on the day.

Walk In, Kids FREE and Spectator Gold Coin donation

Everyone is welcome to attend the Kendo Seminar and register on the day. The cost for each day from Thursday to Saturday is $25 per person. For Kendo families, kids come free! Spectators are welcome to come and watch the seminar. We kindly ask for a gold coin donation for their support.

Apologies but we cannot accept walk ins on Sunday's UTS Open Shield Competition due to the finalisation of draws.

No photographs with Sensei

A small request - the Senseis have asked that we refrain from taking photos of them during the seminar at the dojo. However photos at the Welcome Dinner and Farewell Dinner are most welcome!

There will be a set time during each day to take photos with the club photographer (Please see below for more details).  

Media Pack Sale

To help fundraise for the event, we will be selling a special $30 media pack which will consist of:

  • Autographs from both Kamei and Furukawa Sensei on two 9.5" x 10.75" gold bordered "shikishi" signing board;
  • One signed poster of the Seminar from both Senseis; and
  • One professional photo with both Senseis. 

There will also be other Kendo equipment for sale. Please check out the store on the day!

Sunday UTS Open Shield Competition and Draws

On Sunday, we will run the UTS Open Shield Competition. Please refer to the attached Info Pack for rules of the competition.

Draws will be finalised and announced in the week leading up to the event.

Bento Lunches

Lunch will be provided to those who have registered before the seminar on Friday and Saturday. If you are walking in on the day, there are cafes and food outlet nearby and we will give you more information on the day.

On Sunday for the Open Shield Competition, there will be no lunch break provided as the competition will run through the day. Instead there will be free water and fruit (bananas and apples) to fuel your competition on the day.

Welcome Dinner

Welcome dinner will be held on Thursday, 6:30PM at Daruma Japanese Restaurant, on 2/8 Quay St, Haymarket NSW 2000. The meals are set and already paid for those attending. There will be limited spaces available for late entries; we will provide more information on the day.

Farewell Dinner

Farewell dinner will be a 'traditional' backyard style party at Fukuda Sensei's residence! The venue will be in Wolli Creek and 15 min walk from the Wolli Creek train station. More details will be announced on the day.

Finally if you have any questions, please don't hesitate to reach out to me.

Thank you and regards,

Clement Guo

UTS Kendo Club

M: 0401614820

Sydney Kendo Club
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