UTS Shield Competition

  • 23 Jun 2012
  • UTS Multi Purpose Sports Hall

UTS: Kendo Club is proud to announce it's first inaugural competition!

This event will be run by UTS: Kendo Club and will be held at the UTS Multi Purpose Sports Hall.

This is a Kyu teamed orientated event with a Dan knock out competition after.

It will start at 9am.

There will be two divisions on the day:

"A" Division:
3rd-1st Kyu players. They will fight for the UTS Shield!

"B" Division:
Ungraded - 4th Kyu players. The winners from this division will be able to play in the "A" division.

Team make up:
- Teams of 3
- Multiple teams per club allowed with no restrictions on how many can be entered.
- One person can only be in one team.
- No mixed club teams. (e.g. Only UTS: Kendo Club players can play in UTS: Kendo Club teams)

A light lunch will be provided on the day for competitors.

There will also be a social dinner option after the competition planned by UTS: Kendo Club, which competitors are invited to attend for an extra cost (since dinner will be provided). More details of the dinner will be added closer to the date.

Cost will be $35 for competitors and $55 for registration + the dinner option. (Spectators can chose to come to the dinner for $20).

Here is a link to the announcement:

and they can email us at: utskendo@gmail.com

Also, can I ask you to hold off on emailing the other clubs straight away since Steven is writing a formal letter to be sent to all of the clubs which you can distribute.


Sydney Kendo Club
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