Founders Cup 2012

  • 04 Aug 2012
  • 05 Aug 2012
  • Lidcombe/USYD Cumberland Campus
Dear Members,

We are pleased to announce that Sydney Kendo Club will be hosting the Founders’ Cup 2012 over the weekend of the 4th / 5th August.

The venue will be Lidcombe/USYD Cumberland Campus Gymnasium. The competition will be held on the Saturday, followed by the Annual General Meeting and dinner. The grading will be held on the Sunday.

2012 Founders’ Cup
Hosted by Sydney Kendo Club

Date & Time:
Saturday 4th and Sunday 5th August 2012

Time: 08:00  – 18:00

CSG Sports Centre, Faculty of Health Sciences, Cumberland Campus C42, 75
East St, Lidcombe, NSW 2141 (entry via Gate 2). Paid parking available within University
($4 entry fee). There is limited off street parking available.


Saturday, 4th August 2012


  • Open Venue, Registration & Weigh-in 8:00am

  • Opening Ceremony 8:30am

  • Kyu & Dan Kata

  • Women’s Team

  • Kyu Team

LUNCH 12:00pm - 12:45pm


  • Ron Bennett Service

  • Dan Team

  • Ron Bennett Invitational Veterans team ( 3 per team)

  • Presentation & Closing Ceremony

  • Close Venue



There will be a special dinner which will be announced. Please confirm if you are going to dinner in your registration.


Sunday, 5th August 2012

  • Open Venue, Grading Registration 8:00am

  • Grading


  • Seminars

  • Free Jigeiko

  • Mokuso, Rei

  • Close Venue



Cost of participation:
Cost for participation on Saturday is $40 (includes entry to all competitions, lunch and refreshments).

Cost for participation on Sunday is $20 (includes lunch but excludes grading fee).

Grading fees to be paid to NSW Kendo Renmei by club secretary.

All other monies to be paid to Sydney Kendo Club using the following bank details:

Account Name: Sydney Kendo Club
032 267
Account No.: 209344

Each club to pay total amount by club secretary no later than 17:00 on Saturday 28th July. Please remember to enter the name of your club when depositing fees.


General Competition Rules:
Each club may submit one team for each category of competition. Number of members per team are as follows:

Kyu Kata team: (ipponme to sanbonme)       2
Dan Kata team: (ipponme to nanahonme)     2
Women’s team:          3
Kyu team:                    5
Dan team:                   5
Veterans: 3 Invite only
Open to all members of AKR.


Annual General Meeting
The annual general meeting will be held at 12:00 on Saturday 5th August. All NSWKA financial members are required to attend the meeting.


Grading will begin at 9:00am on Sunday 5th August.
For those taking grading, follow these simple steps:

  1. Download grading form from NSWKA website (

  2. Complete grading form and get sensei to sign and submit to appropriate club administrator before Saturday 28th July. List of fees can be found on the aforementioned grading form.

  3. Club secretary: Pay grading fee into appropriate account (NSWKA).

Seminars will commence at 13:00 on Sunday 5th August.


Refreshments and Meals:
Lunch, snacks and water will be provided.

Additional notes:

  • All fees to be paid by club secretaries to appropriate accounts identified by club name.

  • No monies will be collected after 17:00 Wednesday 27th July. No exceptions.

  • Club secretaries are entirely responsible for collection of fees and the appropriate documentation.

Kindest regards,
Jessi Tilbrook
Sydney Kendo Club

Sydney Kendo Club
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